Bookkeeping for Realtors & Real Estate Investors


Keeping your books in check, so you can focus on closing deals!


Benefits of Bookkeeping

Save Time 

Free time and headspace in your business so you can focus on the money generating aspects.

Know Your Numbers 

Someone once said, "You have to know your numbers to grow your numbers." This couldn't be more true. Every month you will receive a financial report highlighting the numbers you should focus on.

Be Confident in the Accuracy

Never second guess if the books are done correctly. Have peace of mind knowing your bookkeeping is done timely and without mistakes. 


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I'm Karley! By now I hope you have figured out I'm not the stuffy old-style CPA scribbling in a paper ledger, endless receipts scattering my desk, and lacking a personal touch.

My number one passion is helping entrepreneurs understand their numbers and increase their profits, while having fun. You read that right, FUN! You might not consider yourself a nerd like I do, but I know one thing we have in common: we both want your business to thrive!

Work with me to have done-for-you bookkeeping and let me empower you to make decisions to scale your business! Not there yet? I also provide DIY bookkeeping solutions. 


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It's called The Path of Resistance and it's all about being intentional to live a life of richness and beauty.

It all started with a dream to create deeper and more meaningful conversations with people. In this shallow world where there are tons of "friends" and "followers" I wanted to curate a place to connect on a deeper level. Listen in as I interview a wide variety of guests about faith, finances, and life in general!

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