4. Your Potential is Greater Than You Realize with Katie Ferro

Today I am talking to Katie Ferro, my bookkeeping business coach. This episode gets a little long, but you should listen all the way to the end because it gets goooood. At the end Katie wraps it up with a nice little bow talking about how we are so much bigger, and have so much more potential than we think possible.

But anyways, to further introduce Katie, she created her own bookkeeping company and alongside running that business, she also helps other people start a bookkeeping business of their own. Que, her and I working together at the beginning of this year! If any listeners are aspiring to become bookkeepers, I highly recommend going through one or both of Katie’s courses. Her first course is called Become a Bookkeeper aka Babs and teaches you all the skills it takes to hence the name, become a bookkeeper. The course that I took from her is called Life by the Books or aka Libby and teaches you how to build a bookkeeping business if you already have the bookkeeping skills.

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6 Secrets to Starting a Simple, Scalable Bookkeeping Business




  1. Sometimes taking the path of resistance means listening to the signs around you and taking the leap of faith. Katie didn’t intentionally walk into this dream of having her own bookkeeping business, but she rode the wave of fortunate circumstances, and now she screams from the rooftops what is possible for other women.
  2. Katie talks about coaching people who’s circumstances are very different from hers, which makes sense because her story is so unique with being pregrant, getting in the car accident and then being paid to quit her job, but she guides people through their unique journey by knowing hers unfolded for her in her way, and it will unfold in just the right way for each person in their unique set of circumstances.
  3. At one point Katie is talking about low numbers related to your audience and how sometimes that isn’t necessarily bad if people are engaged. She also mentions how she asked her audience what they wanted her to do and then did what they wanted. I want to pause here and say that again, she asked her audience what they wanted and then did what they wanted. It can be as simple as that when marketing for a brand.
  4. I feel like Katie’s story at first glance doesn’t align with “the path of resistance” it seems like she was handed lucky options and chose the obvious route, first when quitting her corporate job, and then second when she started coaching bookkeepers. When you look at Katie’s story, I don’t want you to think man she got lucky! You should be inspired by her because that can be you too! “The Path of Resistance” doesn’t always have to be hard necessarily. In Katie’s case it was listening to the signs around her and “the path of resistance” comes in when she actually had to put the work in. The path of resistance is simply put being intentional in the actions you take and Katie is a very intentional person. You see this when later she talks about setting boundaries in place for her programs to make sure people are the right fit and if they aren’t politely telling them no. You guys, I am talking just as much to myself when I say this, but putting boundaries in place and saying no is life changing. It is part of the path of resistance lifestyle that you want to live.
  5. Act in optimism plan in pessimism. Katie has a whole podcast episode expanding upon this idea. Check out her podcast Profits and Prosecco if you want to learn more about this concept, it’s a good one!
  6. Listen to your thoughts! There are at least two choices in everything you do. Ask yourself what will happen if I do this and what will happen if I don’t. When you listen to your thoughts, ask yourself who’s thought it that?
  7. We are so much bigger, we are so much more, we have so much more capabilities than we think we are.
  8. Do all things in integrity. Doing thing in integrity doesn’t have to keep you small. Be different as long as you’re in integrity.

I always say this at the end of episodes, but I truly mean it. If you had a different takeaway please email me ([email protected]) or DM me on Instagram and let me know what that takeaway was. I would love to hear from you!

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