6. How To Be More Productive with Sierra Scacco

Hey guys, so I am doing something a bit different today with the podcast. Instead of a longer interview, I am putting out an Instagram live that I did with my friend Sierra. She’s super sweet, a soon to be mama of two, which is funny because that last two guests have been soon to be mamas of two, anyways, she’s also a wife, and a life and productivity mentor. I hope you enjoy this episode; Sierra gives the listeners great things to implement in your life to be more productive and organized which I think everyone can learn from.

Here’s the takeaways:

  1. Use the time you have to make the most impact. Sierra talks about how this is possible and I totally agree. With this comes discipline as it takes being intentional with the time you do have.
  2. It’s important to enjoy what you are doing as a business owner. Going through prompts can be helpful to get clear on this vision.
  3. The three tactical ways to get more organized and be more productive: First, have a system in place to organize your thoughts. Second, set specific goals. Third, get someone in your corner as an accountability partner.
  4. Goals should be as specific as possible and it is important to reflect on your goals in order to create or update new goals.

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