7. Improving Your Wellness with Sarah Thomas

Today I’d like to introduce you to Sarah Thomas with Burn Fat and Feast. She is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition coach, business mentor and mom of three. she empowers women both in her community and all over the country to live their healthiest life possible. her focus is first on embracing her client and opening their minds to the beauty within. We start out talking about how she opens her clients mind to the beauty within and then move into things that will help you find success including affirmations and finding your why.

The biggest takeaways:

  1. Finding the beauty within takes awareness of self-talk. If you say something enough, it becomes your reality, your truth. Sarah emphasizes how important positive self-talk it. She makes a great analogy which I love, saying that working on your mindset, having positive self-talk is like pulling weeds in a garden. You don’t pull them once and then walk away, it is a continual work in progress.
  2. Write down affirmations and read them daily.
  3. You can do anything but you can not do everything. Sarah just briefly mentions this but I thought it would be a great reminder for those of us that have shiny object syndrome. Pick a couple of things to focus on and keep your focus on them.
  4. 20% of your efforts relate to 80% of your accomplishments. Choose your one domino to focus on and that will allow other things to fall into place.
  5. Community is so valuable, surround yourself with community who will help you reach your long-term goals, whether it be diet, exercise, business, or anything for that matter.
  6. Know your why. Sarah talks about knowing the why behind the how. She is referring to educating yourself as to why something will produce a specific result or as she calls it the why behind the how. She also talks about knowing your why for your motivation to reach a certain goal. The way to really find your way is to ask why 5 times to get to the deepest part of your why which is the most impactful.
  7. Reflect daily on your way and your journey. Reflect on gratitude, acknowledge a job well done that day, reflect on your why, and plan your next day.


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