12. Nine Steps to Becoming a Published Author with Stephanie Mojica

Drawing on her 17-year tenure as an award-winning journalist with publications such as “USA Today,” “The Philadelphia Inquirer,” “San Francisco Chronicle,” and “The Virginian-Pilot,” among many others, Stephanie Mojica’s greatest passion is working with entrepreneurs, coaches, and licensed professionals such as attorneys and psychologists to craft their stories into books that they can be proud of. Known for her writing and editing skills, consulting, speaking, interviewing, and teaching abilities, and kind yet driven personality, Stephanie is passionate about helping people stand out in the crowd through written content that showcases their expertise.

During the episode, we talk about her nine-step process she uses to guide people in writing a book, the route of self-publishing vs publishing with an agent, the costs of writing a book, and more.

Here are the takeaways:

1. This might seem obvious, but the first step to writing a book is deciding to write the book. A huge part of this is putting a timeline to writing the book. Is now the right time or a year from now? Set a time and stick to you.

2. Now that you have a timeline of when you want to write the book, schedule it on your calendar so it actually gets done.

3. It’s a lack of organization rather than a lack of time that hinders people from writing a book

4. The 9-steps recapped:

     1. Decide to write the book

     2. Own your power

     3. Determine the one thing you want people to remember about you

     4. Identify and address the obstacles that may get in the way of writing your books. i.e. time obstacles, self-debt, etc

     5. Embracing systems and support

     6. Creating a plan

     7. Learning how to write your book in a systematic way that allows you to enjoy the process – like deciding what parts of your book to write in what order

     8. Learning how to nail your marketing even before your book is finished

     9. Leverage yourself as an author


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