14: Getting Serious about Systems with Sarah Ziesler

Today I have with me Sarah who was born and raised in Germany and moved to the US in 2017.In Germany, She worked for a corporation gradually moving up the ranks. This allowed her to gain an incredible business insight and knowledge. In 2020 she started her own business and now specializes in empowering women in the business world by designing a strategy that fits their nature of business in order to reach their goals successfully. If you enjoy listening to this episode, it would mean the world if could leave a review on apple podcast, share it on Instagram or even with a friend. 

If you guys haven’t figured this out already is that having efficient systems in place in your business make a world of difference. Personally, I probably could have been better at processing through the clarity portion of starting a business. Remember, that is a crucial part in your success and like Sarah mentioned should probably come before your systems because If you’re not clear where you are going, you can’t increase your productivity. As she said, you’re basically just throwing spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks. Now for the takeaways.

  1. Mistakes are not a bad thing because we can use them to improve. Try to change your mindset and make that shift of seeing mistakes as something to learn from in order to run a better business.
  2. There is a specific time when people should start putting systems in place. It’s important to get clarity in your business basics before putting systems in place. Your process and systems are a part of a bigger picture, but what is even more important is your mindset.
  3. Stress is what happens when you feel like you are out of control. So when you spend the time to determine what your priorities are in your business, it gives you back that sense of control and decreases your stress.


Thank you so much for listening in to this episode, I hope you were encouraged to take the path of resistance, whatever that looks like for you. Even though it might be scary, it is worth it in the end to know you lived a life of intentionally and reaped beautiful things. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss the next one!


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