16. Our Take on the Importance of Getting in the Room with Krista Marie Lynch

I interview Krista Marie Lynch who I met at EmpowerHer Live, a live networking/personal development event. If you missed the last episode let me tell you a bit about Krista. she is a business coach, photographer, and host of the She Calls Her Shots Podcast. She helps creative business owners ditch the overwhelm and create thriving businesses by focusing on the tactical strategies, habits, mindset & confidence work that's crucial to help them see long term, sustainable growth. The interview  with her was quite juicy and ran a bit long so I split it into two episodes and this is the second of those two episodes. If you missed the last one feel free to go back and listen to that. We talked about her path of resistance in her almost 10 years of entrepreneurship. If you enjoy listening to this episode, it would mean the world if could leave a review on apple podcast, share it on Instagram or even with a friend. Here’s the episode.



  1. No matter what stage you are at in your business, going to a live networking/ personal development event can be soooooo valuable.
  2. Even if you’re not in the place of implementing what you learn at the event, try to write notes and reflect on stuff as much as possible. The tiniest, but consistent implementation of things you learned will make the biggest difference.
  3. Reflecting can be immediately after the conference, but can also be later in time. Going to a live event can benefit you for


Thank you so much for listening in to this episode, I hope you were encouraged to take the path of resistance, whatever that looks like for you. Even though it might be scary, it is worth it in the end to know you lived a life of intentionally and reaped beautiful rewards. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss the next one!


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