21. Beyond Academics: Navigating College Admissions, Scholarships and Study Success with Nikkee Porcaro

In this episode I interview Nikkee with No Anxiety Prep. She has been a fixture on the college admissions scene for over 15 years, assisting students both domestically and internationally with the entire college application process. As you can tell, she’s someone you can go to if you need help with making a college decision or have questions about the process along the way.

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Nikkee was full of knowledge in the college realm and beyond. I hope you grabbed some valuable takeaways. Here are mine.

  1. Prove them wrong. This is great advice for people who have been challenged. I think this can fuel a fire just like Nikkee’s to be able to do the hard work that is required to prove not only to the person doubting you, but more importantly to yourself that you are capable of achieving whatever you put your mind to.
  2. Preparation can curb anxiety. I know that’s probably too broad of a statement and I’m not in the mental health space so I can’t fully define or give an answer to anxiety, but at least for myself I know this rings to be true. If you are struggling with anxiety in work, in school, in anything, try that thing that brings those feelings up for you with different levels of preparation and see how it affects you.
  3. Nikkee lists out many ways of finding scholarships before you begin college and while you are currently attending. Even if your parents or yourself have the funds to pay tuition, scholarships are worth the effort put in to pay for your education. Don’t ignore this tactic, go back to around the 20 minute mark to listen to all the ways Nikkee suggests finding scholarships
  4. Find your style of learning that best suits you. And I think to add to this, find the tricks and methods that help you stay disciplined to study. Whether that is keeping the best study snacks on hand or using the Pomodoro method, find what works for you.

Thank you so much for listening in to this episode, I hope you were encouraged to take the path of resistance, whatever that looks like for you. Even though it might be scary, it is worth it in the end to know you lived a life of intentionally and reaped beautiful rewards. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss the next one!


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